Saturday, October 24, 2009

Instruments required for engineering drawing practice

Engineering Drawing Instruments
Engineering drawing is a type of drawing used to fully and clearly convey graphically the ideas and information necessary for engineered items. To be proficient in engineering drawing, it is essential to be familiar with the drawing instruments and the techniques of using them. Following is the list of common drawing instruments and accessories suggested for engineering drawing practice.
1. Drawing board and table: Prefer board D1 (size 920 mm × 650 mm).
2. Mini-drafter
3. Drawing sheet: Prefer sheet A1 (size 594 mm × 841 mm).
4. Pencils: Prefer 2-3 pencils of each grade HB, H and 2H. Sharpen the pencils as suggested.
5. Compasses: Prefer large compass to draw large circle and small bow compass for small circles.
6. Dividers: Prefer use of one large divider and a small bow divider.
7. Protractor or circle master: Protractor marking 0-180 degree or circle master with proper angular marking.
8. Ruler (scale): Prefer use of 30 cm transparent scale with bevelled edge.
9. French curves or flexible cords.
10. Set-squares: May use a pair of set squares (45º or 30º/60º) sometimes.
11. Eraser or rubber: Use eraser as per requirement. Use of art gum eraser is suggested.
12. Drawing sheet fasteners: Pins, clips and adhisive tapes may be used to fix the sheet.
13. Templates: Different templets may be used to speedup the work.
14. Pencil cutter or sharpner
15. Sandpaper pad
16. Brush or towel cloth
For detail follow the link to open googlebook

General preparation for drawing

Arrange the drawing table and stool so that work could be done comfortably without fatigue or eyestrain. Working area should be well lighted. Natural light is best, if available and ample. Clean all the drawing instruments and accessories so that their surfaces may not spoil the sheet. Arrange them in a systematic manner, which is essential for time saving. Clamp the mini-drafter on the drawing table and fasten the drawing sheet such that the mini-drafter can slide over the entire working area of the sheet.