Friday, October 16, 2009

IIT Guwahati ME111 Engineering Drawing Syllabus

(2 0 4 7)
Lettering and Dimensioning: Introduction to various terms; instruments IS 9609 provisions, lettering practice, vertical and inclined lettering and numerals of type A and type B. Elements of dimensioning and systems of dimensioning; shape identification dimensioning.
Geometric Constructions and Engineering Curves: Division of lines, curves, angles and other simple construction elements. Conic sections -parabola, ellipse and hyperbola. Spiral, involute and helix. Cycloidal curves.
Orthographic projections: First and Third Angle Projections; Projection of straight lines; lines inclined to both HP and VP.
Auxiliary Planes: Auxiliary inclined and vertical planes, shortest distance between two lines.
Projection of Plane Surfaces: Projections of planes in simple and complex positions.
Projection of Solids: Classification of solid. Projections in simple and complex positions of the axis of the solid. Combination of solids.
Sections of Solids: Sectional views and true shape of the section.
Intersection of Surfaces: Edge view and section plane method. Intersections of plane edge and round surface solids.
Development of Surfaces: Methods of developments, development of various solids, transition pieces, spheres.
Isometric Projection: Axonometric Projections, Isometric projections of simple and combination of solids.
Oblique Projections: Cabinet and Cavalier projections.
Perspective Projection: Orthographic representation of a perspective setup, vanishing point and visual ray method. Three point perspective.
Computer Aided Drawing: Essential features of computer aided drafting. Introduction to AutoCAD. Drawing solids and their projections from previous exercises in AutoCAD.
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