Friday, January 2, 2009

BPUT BE7101 Engineering Drawing syllabus

Note: There is only internal assessment. University do not conduct examination for this subject.
Sheet Lay-out & Sketching, Line Drawing, Lettering & Dimensioning;
Concept of Orthographic Projection, First-angle Projection, Projections of Points, Projection of straight line, Projection of planes, Projection of Solids.
Intersection of surfaces.
Development of surfaces.
Isometric Projection.
Sectional Views of solids, Full section.
Introduction to computer-Aided Drafting.

Text Books:
Engineering Drawing by Agrawal and Agrawal, Tata McGraw Hill.
Reference Books:
1. Engineering Drawing by N.D.Bhatt & V.M.Panchal, Charotar publishing House, Anand
2. Engineering Drawing with an Introduction to AutoCAD by Dhanjay A. Johle, Tata McGraw Hill 3. Machine Drawing (Includes AutoCAD) by Ajeet Singh, Tata McGraw Hill.
4. Machine Drawing with AutoCAD by Pohit and Ghosh, Pearson Education.
5. Text Book on Engineering Drawing by Narayana / Kannaiah, Scitech.
6. Engineering Drawing by Shah and Rana, Pearson Education
7. Engineering Drawing and Graphics using AutoCAD by T.Jeyapoovan, Vikas Publishing
8. Engineering Drawing and Graphics by K.Venugopal, New Age International.