Wednesday, July 31, 2013

JNTU Engineering Drawing Syllabus 2013-2014

University examination will be conducted for 100 marks.

B.Tech (EEE, ECE, ETE, CSE, IT, ICE, EIE, ECM & BME) and B.Tech (AE, AME, Biotech*, Ch Engg., CE, ME (Mechatronics), ME (Prod.), ME, MMT) for 2013-2014

Introduction to Engineering Drawing
Principles of Engineering Drawing/Graphics, Drawing Instruments and their Use, Conventions in Drawing, Lettering practice, BlS Conventions.
Curves - Construction of Curves used in Engineering Practice: 
a) Conic Sections including the Rectangular Hyperbola- General method only.
b) Cycloid, Epicycloid and Hypocycloid
c) Involute.
Construction of different types of Scales. Plain, Diagonal and Vernier scales.

Orthographic Projection in First Angle Projection
Principles of Orthographic Projections, Conventions, First and Third Angle Projections
Projections of Points
Including Points in all four quadrants.
Projections of Lines
Parallel, perpendicular, inclined to one plane and inclined to both planes. True length and true angle of a line. Traces of a line.
Projections of Planes
Plane parallel, perpendicular and inclined to one reference plane. Plane inclined to both the reference planes.Lines inclined to both planes, True lengths, Traces.

Projections of Solids
Projections of regular solids cube, prisms, pyramids, tetrahedran, cylinder and cone, axis inclined to both planes.
Sections and Sectional Views
Right Regular Solids- Prism, Cylinder, Pyramid, Cone. Use of Auxiliary views.

Development of Surfaces
Development of Surfaces of Right Regular Solids- Prisms, Cylinder, Pyramid, Cone and their parts, Frustum of solids.
Intersection of Solids
Intersection of Cylinder vs Cylinder, Cylinder vs Prism. Cylinder vs Cone.

Isometric Projections
Principles of Isometric Projection, Isometric scale, Isometric views, Conventions, lsometric Views of Lines, Plane Figures, Simple and Compound Solids, lsometric Projection of Objects having Non- Isometric Lines. lsometric Projection of Spherical Parts.
Transformation of Projections
Conversion of isometric views to orthographic views- simple objects only.
Perspective Projections
Perspective View- Points, Lines, Plane Figures, Vanishing Point Methods (General Method only).

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