Wednesday, July 1, 2015

HimTU ME102 Engineering Drawing and Graphics Syllabus

B. Tech Himachal Pradesh Technical University for first Year
Lecture: 1 per week      Practical: 5 per week      Credits: 3
Sessional: 60 marks     Exam: 40 marks     Time = 3 hrs.

Note: The paper setter will set two questions from each Section/Unit and one question (Q. No. 9) covering all Sections/Units which is compulsory and of short answer type of one mark each. A candidate is required to attempt 5 questions selecting one question from each section. All questions carry equal marks.


Introduction and Engineering Graphics: Drawing instuments, Introduction to IS code of drawing, Free hand lettering (upper case & lowercase); 
Construction of conics sections by eccentricity method; Construction of Cycloids, Involutes, Spirals and Helix.
Scales: Plain, Diagonal and Vernier Scales; Dimensioning. 
Orthographic Projection of Lines and Planes: Projections of points in different quadrants; Projections of straight lines inclined to one or both of the reference planes; True length and inclination of lines with reference planes; Traces of lines.

Orthographic Projection of Solids: Projections of simple solids in simple positions, axis inclined to one of the reference planes and axis inclined to both the reference planes-use change of position method OR auxiliary projection method.
Sections of Solids: Sections of simple solids in simple vertical positions with section plane perpendicular / inclined to one of the reference planes – True shapes of sections.

Isometric Projections: Isometric projections and views of simple and truncated simple solids, sphere, hemisphere and their combinations in simple position. Conversion of Pictorial views to Orthographic views by free hand sketching.
Sections of Solids: Sections and sectional views of right angular solids - Prism, Cylinder, Pyramid and Cone. (There is a repetation of the content in Units II and III)

Development of Surfaces: Development of surfaces of simple and cut regular solids - Prism, Pyramid, Cylinder and Cone.
Intersection of surfaces: Intersection of prism in prism & cylinder in cylinder- axis bisecting at right angles only.

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